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50-B2 Technology

This is how to use the equipment panels in 50-B2.


This is how to administer CPAP on the ambulance.

CPR & First Aid Study Material

Digital study booklet for CPR and first aid.

EMT Mental Health

Coping with the mental health aspects of emergency medical service.

Effective Patient Handoff

Covers reports and patient handoff to hospital personnel.

Epinephrine Check & Inject

Epinephrine administration using Check & Inject kits.

Mass Casualty Incidents

The basics of mass casualty incidents (MCIs).


Handling a childbirth emergency call.

Oxygen Administration

The basics of oxygen administration on the ambulance.

Pedi-Mate Restraints

This is how to secure a pediatric patient to the stretcher.

Rescue Task Force

The basics of rescue task force (RTF).

Trunk Radio

This is how to use the portable and installed rig radios.

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