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Take First Aid and CPR classes in the Tri-state Area from the experts at the American Red Cross. Although they take just a few short hours to complete, our CPR and First Aid training will empower you to provide assistance during emergencies, and can help you save a life.

First Aid and CPR training in New York is available in dozens of communities, which means that finding a class that's convenient to your home, school or office is simple. Explore the most up-to-date list of the Tri-state Area First Aid and CPR classes from the American Red Cross and get the training you need.



 AED training from the American Red Cross can be found in cities across the state. With dozens of classes available every year, finding one that's not only nearby, but also works with your schedule is simple.

 AED training from the American Red Cross can help you learn the skills that can help save a life. On average, first responders arrive on scene 8 to 12 minutes after 911 is called, however during sudden cardiac arrest, each minute that defibrillation is delayed reduces someone's chances of survival by approximately 10%. Browse our newest course schedule to find the  AED classes and be prepared to help when it's needed most.



At the Red Cross, our Basic Life Support (BLS) classes in the Tri-state Area are taught by experienced professionals who can help you deliver high-quality care in an emergency. And with dozens of New York BLS training sites, chances are good that you'll find a location that's convenient to wherever it is you call home.

The American Red Cross delivers Basic Life Support (BLS) training in New York that can help you deliver the right level of care when and where it's needed. By blending reading and lecture with hands-on experience, our New York BLS classes allow you to learn new techniques and sharpen your skills so you can provide those in need with the best possible care. Explore our list of available classes and earn your New York BLS certification from the American Red Cross.


The Red Cross offers online and in-person Babysitter training in New York making it easy to find a class that suits your schedule, your needs, and your learning style. Developed by experts in the field, our Babysitter certification courses deliver the latest information to help you become a capable, confident, and trusted babysitter that parents will turn to again and again.

With best-in-class in-person and online courses designed to help you keep kids safe, understand and manage behaviors, choose age-appropriate activities, and more, our experts can help you become one of the most in-demand babysitters in your neighborhood.

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